Brotha, you got a lotta nerve…

I’m working on a collaboration with my bestie Angie Daniels, which has been coming along quite slowly since she’s ALWAYS in Sheraton Beach hanging out with those damn Beaumonts. Anyway, I decided to move my office to Panera Bread for the afternoon. Ever since my strut onto the literary scene, I’ve found that from time to time I need to get away from my home office. Seeing the same four walls all the time just isn’t good for the creativity.

paneraI grabbed a table in the corner and ordered myself one of those new Strawberry Poppy Seed & Chicken salad. OMG! It was so good. I’m a sucker for berries and the poppy seed salad dressing was off the chain. Anyway, I was halfway finished when this short dude tried to holla at me. Now I tried to avoid his eye contact from across the restaurant yet he didn’t get the hint. Lord Farquaad then had the nerve to get up and come stand over my table. Seriously? First off, I can’t stand for anyone to hover over my food. I immediately picked up a napkin and draped it over the bowl then gave him the evil eye. He must have seen my hateful look because he choked on whatever he was about to say and back the hell away. At that point, I decided to toss the salad and order a peanut butter cookie.

Okay, back to writing.

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