If it smells like crap then….

One thing about my writing is that I always try to convey some kind of lesson. I have learned throughout my life and in relationships is that only you know when enough is enough. You can continue to try to function in dysfunction or you can finally put your foot down and say, ENOUGH. I usually try to create strong women like myself but I realize that’s my life, not real life. People have different levels of tolerance. My girlfriend doesn’t take any crap. If your breath even smells like bullshit, she’s done with no explanation, but I have another friend who will put up with so much that you begin to wonder what’s really going on. Everyday life, friends, relationships have all helped me to create the characters I am most proud of and give me the material I need for future creations. All I hope is that readers takes something from my stories and apply it to their own lives. What more can an author ask for?

About Sasha Campbell

SASHA CAMPBELL is a free spirit who isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind or even better, write about it. Since strutting onto the literary scene in five-inch heels, she’s been capturing her audience’s attention with her wild imagination and style for keeping it real. This vivacious woman knows exactly what her readers want and is always ready to deliver. Visit Sasha online at www.sasha-campbell.com.