Love Sucks

right thru me_smallI’m going to keep it real. Love hurts.

When you make the decision to give your heart and soul to a relationship you are taking one of the biggest risks of your life because there are never any guarantees. And then when you’re loving him with everything you got and you’re not receiving that same level of love in return, it hurts. It hurts like hell. Especially when you’re determined to make it work and he isn’t.  Being in love is one thing that we all want to experience but when you have it with the wrong person it can be painful. Sometimes I wish there was a way of seeing inside his head or even the ability to read his thoughts because then I would know where I stand. Unfortunately relationships don’t work out that way. We just have to pick up the pieces, mend our hearts and eventually decide if we are willing to take that risk again. I guess it’s like childbirth. You forget about how much it hurt until the pain hits you again.

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