Game Changing

TALK_Game_CoverIt’s amazing how we make decisions that shape our lives. When I first started talking about writing Talk a Good Game, I was thinking, how can I write a book about online dating if I’ve never met a man online? Writing is all about the research, right? I was single so what did I have to lose other than time? But now as I look back over the last year of my life I realized I lost a helluva lot more.

Relationships are all about trusting the one you’re with and being students of each other’s lives. I learned that sometimes you just don’t realize how little you really know about somebody until you have already been strapped onto a roller coaster. And then once you’ve realized what you’ve gotten yourself into, you’re screaming, “Get me off!” Only no one hears you, and it’s up to you to find a way to escape.

Anyway, this book will be the story of two women, two online experiences and the drama that comes when you realize things aren’t always as they seem.

Get ready to enjoy the ride this spring!

About Sasha Campbell

SASHA CAMPBELL is a free spirit who isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind or even better, write about it. Since strutting onto the literary scene in five-inch heels, she’s been capturing her audience’s attention with her wild imagination and style for keeping it real. This vivacious woman knows exactly what her readers want and is always ready to deliver. Visit Sasha online at

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