Trinette Montgomery is used to getting what she wants—including her wealthy husband’s forgiveness after indulging in an affair…or two. And once again she’s got an itch only another man can scratch—specifically, her married boss. But when her scandalous ways catch up with her, she flees to the home of her best friend in St. Louis, Nikki Truth. Only Nikki is having marital problems of her own…


Nikki’s husband, Donovan, has no idea what she was up to while he was out of the country.

As Nikki does her best to re-connect with him, she must also deal with disturbing calls from a man with whom she had a brief affair. And when Donovan finds out, he sets on a path of destruction that may put Nikki and their son in danger. Can Nikki and Trinette band together to save their children, their marriages—and their futures?


Praise for Sasha Campbell’s Confessions

 “These characters leap off the page and make you want to join in.”

—Lutishia Lovely

“Love, forgiveness, truth, and several other elements set the tone…. The strong characterization and the added twists and turns made this book enjoyable for me.”

—The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

“Drama, drama and more drama! It’s a good juicy read you won’t want to put down.”

RT Book Reviews