Learning to trust can be the hardest lesson of all…

 Newly divorced single mom Monica Houston needs to find a job. When her best friend suggests she answer an ad seeking exotic dancers, they both laugh. But with no work in sight, it’s no joke. Soon, Monica is dancing at Scandalous, and the money is flowing. But to hold on to her children, and her heart, she’ll have to keep it a secret from both her ex and her new man. Too bad someone in her life has other ideas.Scandals

The baddest dancer at Scandalous, Robin Wright a.k.a Treasure lives for herself and trusts no one. The last thing she wants is to take in her estranged sister Deandra’s little boy, Kyle. But with Deandra arrested for murder, she has no choice. There’s just one condition: Kyle’s hot, “big brother” Lance has to babysit. With a man and a child in her life, Treasure’s heart opens. Soon she’s in love—and determined to prove Deandra’s innocence—though it means the greatest risk of all.

“These characters leap off the page and make you want to join in.”

—Lutishia Lovely on Confessions


“Drama, drama and more drama!… It’s a good juicy read you won’t want to put down.”

—Romantic Times on Confessions


“This novel will heat your seat!”

—Brenda Hampton, author of the Naughty series, on Suspicions