Every Relationship has it’s secrets

Three women are about to learn more than they ever wanted to know about secrets–and the men who keep them. . .SuspicionsAs the owner of Situations, the hottest beauty salon on the south side of Chicago, Noelle Gordon has a direct line to the private lives of her clients. But when an abandoned baby girl appears on her doorstep, Noelle finds herself at the center of a personal drama. Could the baby be her husband’s? Or maybe her grown son’s? Both men deny it–but Noelle is sure one of them is lying. . .Meanwhile, Noelle’s employees are discovering that their own romantic relationships harbor a secret or two. The truth isn’t always pretty. But can they find the strength to live with it–and with the men they love?”It’s a sticky situation! Filled with teasing twists and eye popping, craftily written scenes, this novel will heat your seat, causing you to stay with it until you’re finished!! I offer readers six words. . .KEEP YOUR EYES ON SASHA CAMPBELL!” –Brenda Hampton, author of the Naughty series”This novel will heat your seat!” –Brenda Hampton, author of the Naughty series