Sasha Says

Game Changing

It’s amazing how we make decisions that shape our lives. When I first started talking about writing Talk a Good Game, I was thinking, how can I write a book about online dating if I’ve never met a man online? Writing is all about the research, right? I was single so what did I have [...]


right thru me_small

Love Sucks

I’m going to keep it real. Love hurts. When you make the decision to give your heart and soul to a relationship you are taking one of the biggest risks of your life because there are never any guarantees. And then when you’re loving him with everything you got and you’re not receiving that same [...]

Can I Get in Those Jeans?

I was asked yesterday, how does it feel to be Sasha Campbell? Well, if you had asked me that question months ago I probably would have given you a totally different answer but now… I feel blessed. In the last year, I’ve learned that stress can not only gray your hair (me? With gray hair, [...]


If it smells like crap then….

One thing about my writing is that I always try to convey some kind of lesson. I have learned throughout my life and in relationships is that only you know when enough is enough. You can continue to try to function in dysfunction or you can finally put your foot down and say, ENOUGH. I [...]

Brotha, you got a lotta nerve…

I’m working on a collaboration with my bestie Angie Daniels, which has been coming along quite slowly since she’s ALWAYS in Sheraton Beach hanging out with those damn Beaumonts. Anyway, I decided to move my office to Panera Bread for the afternoon. Ever since my strut onto the literary scene, I’ve found that from time to [...]


Just because

Yesterday, I received and email from a woman who’s been having an affair on her husband for years. I went on to read that she’s been doing it for so long she wasn’t sure she would ever stop. According to her once she bought my latest release #Consequences and read what Trinette had gone through, [...]

Why a Sequel? 2

A reader asked me, what made you decide to write a sequel to Confessions? Well, I guess I have to say that the characters spoke to me and said, “Sasha, girl, we’re not finished yet.” LOL. They weren’t lying. In Consequences, Trinette is back to her old tricks again with an itch that she needs [...]


New Release

So it’s that time of year again when I started counting down the days until my next release. It is so exciting. Kensington sent me my cover art yesterday so I now have something that I can proudly display on my website (that is still a work in progress). This is my fourth release and [...]